Turbidity & Suspended solids

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA whitespaceThe MJK SuSix® sensors is a 2 in 1 sensor capable of accurate measurement of Turbidity in in clean water and Suspended Solids in sludge, in a housing to suit immersion in the process or insertion into a pipeline under pressure.



Susix® / Oxix® Converter and Display

The Susix® / Oxix® Converter is designed with the latest microprocessor technology to ensure accurate measurements coupled with versatile output and operation.

The Susix® / Oxix® Display is unique in its design in which it can be mounted in three different ways: locally on the sensor, remotely on a wall or mounted in a panel door. Furthermore, a single Display can operate up to 4 MJK Instruments.
Susix® / Oxix® Display has a very user friendly menu structure with all instructions in clear text – no symbols or codes are used.

Susix® / Oxix® Converters and Displays are supplied with a technically advanced enclosure made of glass reinforced polycarbonate giving maximum protection against harsh industrial environments.

Features of the Susix® / Oxix® Converter and Display:

  • Supports 240 VAC, 24VAC or 10-30 VDC Supply (max power consumption 10W)
  • Susix® / Oxix® Converter can be mounted up to 50 meters from the Sensor
  • Susix® / Oxix® Display can be mounted up to 1,000 meters from the converter
  • Up to 4 MJK Instrument converters can be connected to 1 Susix® / Oxix® Display via the built in MJK Instrument Link
  • Enclosures are made from a glass reinforced Polycarbonate material, giving an enclosure rating of IP67
  • Wide range of supported engineering units
  • Built in data logger with graphical display
  • Simple and flat menu structure with easy navigation
  • 4-20 mA output
  • 2 relays for control or alarm output
  • Self diagnosis with indication and logging of errors
  • Communication Options Modules include Modbus and Profibus

Susix® Turbidity and Suspended Solids Sensor

The MJK SuSix® sensors’ 6 optical windows and its patented measuring system delivers measurements from turbidity in clean drinking water and suspended solids in heavy sludge, all from only one sensor model. The ranges covered in turbidity are 0,001 to 9999 FNU / NTU / FTU and suspended solids in the range from 0,001g/l to 400 g/l.

Features of the Susix® Turbidity and Suspended Solids Sensor:

  • No Calibration needed for Turbidity (tester available to test calibration)
  • Easy calibration for Suspended Solids
  • High Stability and accuracy due to the advanced optical system
  • Built in cleaning system (Optional wiper)
  • Sensor is suitable for immersion in process or insertion into a pipeline
  • Highly polished measuring surface to prevent buildup of solids that could disrupt readings and accuracy