IFL 700 IQ

Digital sludge level sensor, connectable to the IQ Sensro Net: Unique on the market: Sludge level measurement with maintenance-free cleaning system – the FL 700 IQ with smart signal processing.

Smart signal processing – the sensor has a special pattern detection feature and can therefore distinguish between the sludge level and undesired signals. This always results in reliable measuring results.

The IFL 700 IQ is based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. Here, the sludge level is determined via the runtime of the echo. Contrary to optical sludge level measuring systems, this continuous measuring principle has important advantages. It offers low investment and operating costs, a lower maintenance effort as well as higher data availability.

The IFL 700 IQ has a contact-free cleaning system made of high quality material, like titanium. Based on its technical design, this system is maintenance-free. The sensor is equipped with an automatic detection feature that determines the cleaning interval autonomously.