MJK Automation - ACOWA Range

ACOWA Level Measurement

ACOWA TurTle Level Measurement

The TurTle is designed for water and waste water level measurement applications with a flexible removable sensing head, the head has a series of dip switches that can change the range of the sensor from 0-10m to 0-5m or 0-3m. 


The GoPLe is used for level measurement in water and waste water systems. GoPLe comes with a ceramic sensor for high accuracy.

ACOWA Mine GoPLe Level Measurement

ACOWA mini-GoPle is a level pressure transmitter with a diameter of 13mm, 16mm or 19mm.  

ACOWA Frog Level Float Switch

FROG is a standard float switch with a microswitch for either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) signal.

ACOWA Analytical Measurement

ACOWA Canary Hydrogen Sulphide

CaNaRy is a unique sulfur hydrogen meter. CaNaRy is designed for installation in sewer pumping stations and other sewage related applications.

ACOWA Data Loggers

ACOWA Gekko Data Logger

GEKKO data logger has a robust industrial design. GEKKO can be powered by 2 lithium batteries or an external 12-30V DC power supply.

ACOWA IoT Devices

ACOWA FireFly Pump Alert

FIREFLY is designed in a robust industrial design. FIREFLY can be supplied with 2 lithium AA batteries, with an expected lifetime of at least 5 years.