713 Open Channel Flow Converter

Flow Converter 713 is designed for measuring and recording water flow in open weirs and channels. Flow Converter 713 is a complete instrument for the measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of totalised water flow. It can be adapted to any type of weir or flume.

The built-in ISO 1438 formulas for flow calculations are pre-programmed with the most common flumes and weirs, such as Parshall, Venturi, Palmer-Bowles flumes and V-notch and rectangular weirs. Also to be used with non-standard channels and weirs often installed at waste water plants and storm flow locations.

713 Open Channel Flowmeter is primarily used for measuring flow outlets from waste water treatment plants. The flow is calculated upon the water level, provided by either ultrasonic or hydrostatic level transmitter.

Built-in totalizer with non-re-settable counter and short term flow overview.

Easy to use and setup due to symbolic navigation buttons and multiple display language


MJK Shuttle Sensor 200660

Ultrasonic Sensor

The ultrasonic sensor is mounted behind the weir at a distance of 3-4 times the head. The ultrasonic sensor has a very narrow spreading of the sound signal and the distance to the highest level to be measured must not be less than the blocking distance and not more than the range + the blocking distance. 

MJK Expert 3400 Hydrostatic Level

Hydrostatic Sensor

The pressure transmitter is mounted behind the weir at a distance of 3-4 times the head or in a stilling well, to the flume. The pressure transmitter has a standard 1″ thread for mounting on a pipe 


MJK Shuttle Parshall Flume

Parshall Flume

In accordance with ISO 9826, Parshall flumes are designed for measurement of volumetric flow rate in rectangular channels with gravity flow. The flumes are made of stainless steel and enable measurements within the range specified on the back.

MJK Shuttle Venturi Flume

Venturi Flume

Venturi flumes are designed in accordance with ISO 4359. They are commonly used in Europe, intended for measurement of volumetric flow rates in rectangular channels with gravity flow.

MJK Shuttle Palmer&Bowlus Flume

Palmer & Bowlus Flume

Palmer Bowlus flumes are designed for installation in partly full circular pipes with gravity flow and unpressurized lines in accordance with ISO 4359. These flumes provide a close relation between liquid level and flow rate in a duct or a pipeline.

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