ACOWA Canary Hydrogen Sulphide

CaNaRy Hydrogen Sulphide Meter

CaNaRy is a unique sulfur hydrogen meter. CaNaRy is designed for installation in sewer pumping stations and other sewage related applications.

CaNaRy measures hydrogen sulphide content in a gaseous form with a measuring range from 0-300ppm and converts this into a standard 4-20mA signal. The measuring cell is calibrated from the factory and does not need further calibration throughout the lifetime of the cell.

The CaNaRy cell is easily replaceable after its lifetime has expired. Simply screw out the old cell and screw in a new one. 

Application Photos
  • Standard 10m cable (Can be ordered up to 30m) 
  • One-time calibration
  • Easily replaceable screw in cell 
  • Can be used for permanent installation in sewer wet wells 
  • Size: L = 235mm, B = 81mm
  • Weight: 760g without the cable
  • Power Supply: 24V DC (10V DC – 28V DC)
  • Installation: Red = Power Supply, Green = Signal, Black = Screen
  • Cable length: Standard 10m (Can be delivered with the length of up to 30 meters cable on request)
  • Free fall drop: 30 cm
  • Sensor type: Sure Cell
  • Range: 0-300ppm
  • Signal type: 4-20 mA
  • Resolution: 0.25ppm
  • Maximum diameter: 81mm
  • Sensor housing: Impact resistant PP (Glass fiber 30%)
  • Cable housing: AISI 304
  • Cable bushing: TPU
  • Cable material: PUR
  • Enclosure class: IP65
  • Max. operating temperature: +50°C
  • Lifetime expectancy: 2 years in non-condensing relative humidity
  • Power Supply: 10-35 V DC
  • Operation temperature: -20 – +50°C
  • Certification: CE