Green Cityzen IoT Devices - Connecting the Environment

The Green Cityzen range of IoT devices is helping to connect your applications in the environment straight to your phone or PC. From measuring variables anywhere from weather and rain to hydrogen sulfide. The wide range of products ensure there is something suitable for your needs. 

The Green Cityzen range uses SigFox and Lora technology to feed real time updates to you ranging from 1 second to 60 minute intervals. Connecting your applications to the cloud means you save time going around to check individual sensors with it centralised and stored all in one place – accessible anywhere, anytime. 

Please contact us for further information about the Green Cityzen range of products and how they can help your applications and the environment. 

HummBox Ultrasonic Level Sensor

A connected ultrasonic level sensor, communicating with Sigfox or Lora, self powered, to monitor continuously level, volume and distance.

HummBox Soil & Weather

HummBox Soil & Weather is a connected soil temperature humidity sensor to monitor continuously soil moisture and temperature measurements.

HummBox Weather Station

HummBox Weather station is a connected and self powered weather station. 

HummBox Rain Gauge

HummBox Rain Gauge is a connected and self powered rain gauge.

HummBox Room Monitor

HummBox Room Monitor is connected device to monitor continuously CO2, ambiant temperature, humidity, light and presence.

HummBox Air Indoor

HummBox Air Indoor is connected device to monitor continuously CO2, ambiant temperature and humidity.

HummBox Air Outdoor

HummBox Air Outdoor is connected temperature & humidity sensor for continuous monitoring.

HummBox H2S ppB/ppM

HummBox H2S is a connected H2S (hydrogen sulfide) sensor, with Sigfox or Lora, self powered, to monitor odours issues. H2S Cells are interchangeable.

HummBox Temperature

HummBox Temperature is connected temperature sensor for continuous monitoring.

HummBox Dry Contact

Hummbox Dry contact is a connected dry contact sensor for level monitoring, building management (presence, opening detection) or smart industry (machine state detection and alarms).

HummBox Pulse

HummBox Pulse is a connected pulse sensor to monitor continuously pulses interface from any meter (water, electricity, gaz, rain collectors…).

HummBox Electrovalve Controller

HummBox ElectroValve Controller is a device dedicated to smart watering. Electrovalve is directly connected to our ElectroValve controler, without any additional relay. The connected electrovalve programmator complies with impulse or stardard electrovalve solenoid.