MJK MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MagFlux™ Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MagFlux® Electromagnetic Flow Meters deliver very stable and highly accurate flow measurements in conductive liquids. MagFlux® Flow Meters have no moving parts to create hydraulic influence on the flow, use a well-proven technology, and communicate using a standard protocol. MagFlux® Flow Sensors are available in sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 2000, with standard construction lengths and connections. MagFlux® Flow Meters can be installed either with the converter mounted on the flow sensor, on a wall or mounted in a panel.

MagFlux® Flow Meters are used for measuring and totalising flow of conductive liquids in pressurised closed pipe systems. MagFlux® Flow Meters measure flow in both directions of potable water, waste water and process fluids.

MagFlux® 7100 sensor is manufactured with PTFE Liner. The PTFE liner has a low degree of friction, and is chemicals resistant and suitable for high media temperatures. 

MagFlux® 7200 sensor is produced with a Hard Rubber Liner. The Hard Rubber liner of the MagFlux 7200 series, is used for general water purpose usage. 

The MagFlux® Converter offers two digital outputs and analogue 4-20mA output. 

Optionally, Modbus and Profibus RS485 outputs are available.

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