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pHix® Compact’s integral design includes electrodes, fittings, cables and transmitter built together in one unit, eliminating problems associated with bad cable connections or leaky fittings. Electrodes can be changed without the use of tool and there is no wiring to install back to the transmitter.

The innovative design allows for simple installation in pipes and open tanks and eliminates additional fittings.

The integral electronics feature a 2-wire 4-20 mA output with communication and easy automatic buffer adjustment, setting new standards for connection and operation of pH and ORP transmitters.

pHix® Compact Transmitter

  • Fully submersible 4-20 mA transmitter including electrode
  • Same transmitter can be ordered to suit pH electrodes or ORP / Redox electrodes
  • No connectors or electrode-to-transmitter cables. Eliminates problems with humidity and electrical noise
  • Common problems such as ground loops are eliminated
  • Very robust – designed for water/wastewater and industrial applications
  • Unique simple and easy buffer adjustment
  • Automatic temperature compensation for pH always included
  • Additional 4-20 mA output for temperature 0-50°C (0-80°C) / 32-122°F (32-120°F) as option

pHix® Compact Electrodes

pH Electrode for pHix Compact.

  • Combined double junction with flat surface low impedance pH glass membrane
  • Large reference junction very resistant to clogging and hence measuring errors due to clogging
  • Electrodes are easily detached and replaced from the transmitter without the need for additional tools
  • Low impedance sensor, offers stable and accurate measurements, even at low temperatures and low ion activity
  • Electrode with long lifetime and reduced maintenance