??????????????????????????????????whitespaceConductivity measurement can pose a challenge for complex processes where coating, fouling, corrosion or high temperatures and/ or pressures are a concern. The Honeywell 5000TC conductivity sensors are specifically designed for monitoring conductivity, chemical concentration or salinity in such difficult applications.​

Honeywell APT2000TC Transmitter

?????????????????????????????????????????Honeywell’s APT2000 Toroidal Conductivity (TC) Analyzers are designed to meet the measurement needs of the chemical, food and dairy, pulp and paper, refining, metal and other industries.

The APT2000TC series is a reliable, cost-effective solution that provides accurate conductivity measurement using Toroidal Cells.

Built using water and corrosion resistant materials, APT2000TC is designed to meet the measurement needs of intrinsically safe, non-incendive (Class 1, Division 1) and general purpose areas.

APT2000TC series’ quick response time, simple operator interface and a large front display, make it easy to use. With three different modes and special on-board diagnostics to monitor step-by-step progress, the device ensures foolproof calibrations.


For further information on the APT200TC please refer to the Honeywell Website Here.

Honeywell 5000TC Toroidal Conductivity Sensor

??????????????????????????????????The Honeywell 5000TC toroidal (electrodeless) conductivity sensor measures the conductivity of solutions from 0.2 to 2000 millisiemens/cm. The sensors can be used for monitoring chemical concentration and salinity as well. The corrosion and fouling-resistant cells are available with a variety of mounting assemblies to ensure compatibility for applications in the chemical, food & dairy, refinery, pulp and paper, metal finishing and wastewater industries.

Available in two types of basic sensor forms – the convertible or sanitary style, these conductivity cells come in variety of material types including PEEK, PFA Teflon®, PVDF, and Polypropylene and a range of mounting options that meet diverse application needs. 5000TC toroidal conductivity cells minimize chemical compatibility issues and increase cell reliability.


For further information on the 5000TC please refer to the Honeywell Website here.