MJK nConnect Pump Controller


nConnect™ is a simple control device for pump controlling. It controls smaller wastewater pump stations, potable water and raw water pump stations, and suits applications that does not need control based on more advanced functions or remote control.

The device is delivered ready-to-install and includes input and output for level transmitters, power coils for power measurement on connected pumps, operating and alarm signals, serial RS485 for communication on private lines.

 nConnect is configured via Connect Link™, connect locally using the USB port or via external communication RS485 to e.g. a Mμ Connect®, this type of connection can also be used to transfer data to a SCADA

MJK Pump Controller io module

I/O Module

The I/O Module is connected using a DIN rail bus. This makes physical mounting very easy.
The wide selection of I/O Modules allows a simple and safe configuration to simple alarms status devices or even multiprocess control PLS devices.
The I/O Module is powered using the DIN-bus rail system, hence no separate power supply is needed.