MJK Expert 7070 Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level transmitter 7070

The MJK Expert™ 7070 Level Transmitter is an accurate 2-wire transmitter with a piezoresistive measuring system with direct air pressure and temperature compensation. 

The Expert™ 7070 has a small, external diameter of 22 mm and is made of 316L stainless steel. The transmitter is designed for measuring levels and temperature in wells and drinking water tanks.

The output signal is 4-20mA and connecting the transmitter directly to, for instance, a Mµ Connect RTU is very easy, providing the option of level logging, alarms or controlling the pumps.

Not only does Expert 7070 provide exact and stable measurement, but the construction ensures a long lifetime and low service requirements equals low running cost.

Created in AISL 316L stainless steel and equipped with optional temperature measurement, the user can keep track of both level and temperature even in boreholes.