MJK Expert 7060 Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level transmitter 7060D

The MJK Expert™ 7060 hydrostatic level transmitter is ideal for measuring levels in storage tanks, wet wells and pump stations in both water and wastewater plants.

The Expert™ 7060D hydrostatic digital/analogue level transmitter is a variant of the 7060 and is a precision transmitter with built-in ModBus protocol for measurement readout and remote calibration during operation. It is developed for low-energy installations and hook-up with MJK Chatter™ Datalogger.

Expert™ 7060D provides long term stable measurements. The precision will vary with only 0,25% per year. The cable is flexible and bendable, but holds a pull strength of 1000kg. It can be recalibrated remotely via the ModBus protocol. 

Designed without sharp edges which prevents particles and elements from the sewage water to settle on the house or membrane.