MJK Expert 3400D Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level transmitter 3400D

Expert 3400D Hydrostatic digital level transmitter is designed with ceramic capacitive measuring system, a built-in breather tube and RS485 communication. This makes the transmitter perfect for low energy installations connected to a Chatter data logger or ModBus networks. 

The transmitter is accurate and has an excellent long term stability. It is very robust and designed for applications in rough environments. 

A major design feature is the programming facility using an USB-RS485 interface and a laptop computer. The user settings can be adjusted easily by using the free Expert Link software. 

The design is without sharp edges which prevents particles from sticking to the housing or the diaphragm

Applications include: Aqua Culture, Waste water, Process water, Sea water and Chemical tanks with a range of acids, bases and ferric chloride.