MJK Expert 1400 Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level transmitter 1400

The MJK Expert™ 1400 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter with ceramic capacitive measuring system and built-in breather tube for direct air pressure compensation. It is designed for use in water applications where improved accuracy for both high and low measuring ranges are requested. The transmitter is ATEX and UL approved for mounting in explosion hazardous areas.

The ceramic capacitive sensor provides a stunning precision of +/- 0,1 %. The transmitter is just 22mm in diameter, and therefore often used in water borings, or on construction sites measuring the ground water levels to avoid possible damages on nearby buildings and the vast financial claims that may follow.

The transmitter is particularly popular in water borings and drinking water tanks but also used in process water when top precision is needed.