Danfoss VLT 101 Basic HVAC Drive

The Danfoss VLT® FC101 Basic HVAC Drive

User-friendly, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption are beneficial for fan applications. Basic
AHU functions enable the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive to control a wide range of functions. Pump-specific features
developed in cooperation with OEMs, contractors and manufacturers around the world.

Fire Override Mode prevents the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive from stopping for self-protecting reasons. In this mode it will continue vital fan operation regardless of control signals, warnings or alarms. By pressing a few buttons on the Local Control Panel the drive can be set to avoid frequency bands at which connected fans create resonances in the ventilation system. This reduces vibration, noises and wear on equipment.

The drive can, from the speed/current, detect when the motor has lost contact to the fan and set off an
alarm if the belt is broken. The drive can detect speed and direction of a freely spinning fan or pump and “catch” it at the right speed. This feature prevents violent starts and tear on the equipment.

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