Danfoss VACON NXP Air Cooled

Danfoss VACON® 20 NXP Air Cooled

The VACON® NXP Air Cooled drive is designed for a broad range of demanding industrial applications, focusing on higher power sizes and system drives. 

VACON® NXP control flexibility delivers maximum motor control performance and dynamics, in both single shaft machines and drive systems. 

Fully configurable I/O and fieldbuses cater for any connectivity need. Fast optical drive-to-drive communication gives you the flexibility of load sharing and paralleling of power units.

Adapt the drive to many diverse usage requirements by loading the VACON application software that best suits the needs. Built-in PLC functionality according to IEC61131-1 enables you to create new functionality in the drive to obtain cost savings and deeper machine integration.

  • Easy integration into any plant’s automation system thanks to fast fieldbus options and exceptional programming flexibility
  • Investment costs are minimized as no additional external modules are needed and the drives are supplied with five built-in expansion slots for additional I/O, fieldbus and functional safety boards
  • Fast response to changes due to dynamic open- and closed-loop vector control
  • The drive’s DC fans fulfill the ERP2015 directive on decreasing fan losses and significantly increase the reliability and lifetime of the fan
  • The lifetime of the drive and critical components are extended as a result of coated printed circuit boards that offer reliable protection against dust and moisture

Supply voltages and power range

  • 3 x 208-240 V…0.55-90 kW
  • 3 x 380-500 V…1.5-1200 kW
    with DriveSynch 1.5-4000 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V…2.0-2000 kW
    with DriveSynch 2.0-4500 kW