MJK 7030 Float Switch

Float Switch 7030

The exceptional reliability of the MJK Float Switch 7030 makes it very suitable for many highly automated systems to provide additional protection against control system failures, preventing pumps from running dry, etc.

MJK uses only up-to-date, environmentally friendly materials in the Float Switch 7030. The extra durability of the potted switching components – strong multi-fiber flexible cable and rugged polypropylene enclosure – allows the Float Switch 7030 to deliver reliable results where other float switches fail.

Float switches are often used in environmental engineering systems, such as pump stations and water treatment plants. It is therefore important that the float switches do not contain mercury. Float switch 7030 has an electromechanical contact system. The float switch has a built-in hermetically sealed micro-switch, which is activated by a moving weight by a change in level. 

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