MJK rainAhead Rain Gauge


rainAhead is a strong, reliable and up-to-date rain gauge, which measures rainfall intensity and volume.

The rain gauge can be fitted to a stand. It collects rain in a funnel, which leads the water into the rainAhead measuring system. rainAhead is calibrated from the factory at 0.2 mm rain per pulse. The unique self-emptying bowl is covered by a global patent. rainAhead is one of the most accurate rain gauges on the market. 

A Mμ Connect or Chatter unit can measure and calculate rainfall intensity and volume and activate pumps to avert storm flow.

  • 200 cm2 collecting area
  • Made of Styrosun®, and tolerates temperatures down to -50˚ C.
  • Patented tilting mechanism provides 5 electric impulses per millimetre rain.
  • Connect to MJK Connect®, Mμ Connect® or Chatter®.

Power supply: Powered from the connected MJK unit
Rain capacity: 2.4mm per minute
Resolution: 0.20mm per impulse, max 12 impulses/minute
Calibration: Factory calibrated and built-in fi ne-adjustment
Collecting Area: 200 cm2 – the meteorogical standard
Potential free relay: R: 1 KΩ ¼W, Max: 28 V AC/DC, Max: 20 mA
Resolution: 0,2 mm/TIP
Time: 200 ms
Collecting Area: 200 cm2, meteorological standard
Weight: 380 g.
Material: Styrosun®
Kapsling: IP 68 – Electrical parts are protected against extreme weather conditions
Operating Conditions: -50˚C … 60˚C
Patents: UM-27598, AU Pat. 565951, EPO Pat 0104212, US Pat 4.644.786, CA Pat. 1246181, Japan Pat. 501208/83, Taiwan Reg. 74-201292.