ACOWA Gekko Data Logger

GEKKO Data Logger

GEKKO data logger has a robust industrial design. GEKKO can be powered by 2 lithium batteries or an external 12-30V DC power supply.

GEKKO can communicate via standard MODBUS TCP/IP or SMS commands. Communication is via the built-in 4G modem on its own PCB. This allows for upgrading the communication to future communication forms without replacing the entire data logger. Furthermore, GEKKO will also be capable of supporting Sigfox communication.

There is a USB interface for programming the GEKKO or for downloading the log from the datalogger. GEKKO datalogger has a log capacity of 16.000 measurements.

GEKKO can gather and log various types of data. GEKKO is delivered with 2 analog inputs 0/4-20mA, or 4 digital inputs, where 2 of these can be configured as 0-10V inputs. Furthermore, there is the possibility for RS485 MODBUS communication with external units.\

GEKKO is designed for use in waste water and water supply applications and can, by means of external equipment, be used for H2S detection, level measurement, overflow recordings and the recording of rainfall events.