Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives

VFD Application Photos

Danfoss VLT® FC100 series HVAC Drive is dedicated to ventilation, heating, and air conditioning applications.

Danfoss VLT® FC200 series AQUA Drive has been designed specifically for water and wastewater applications. 

Danfoss VLT® FC300 series Automation Drive is dedicated to industrial automation applications.

Danfoss VLT Decentral Drive

VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 can be mounted close to the motor and offers a high degree of flexibility and functionality in demanding applications.

The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 22 kW. It’s a small drive with maximum strength and reliability.

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is a competitive drive for simple applications – with basic needs.

This is a mid-price drive that delivers ease of use and high flexibility in all industrial applications.

Danfoss VLT OneGearDrive

The VLT® OneGearDrive® is a highly efficient, permanent magnet, three-phase synchronous motor coupled with an optimized bevel gear box which improves plant productivity and reduces energy costs and spare parts.

VACON® 20 comes with compactness
and programming functionality that makes it one of the most easily adaptable drives available for OEM applications.

The VACON® 20 X decentralised drive offers all the benefits of decentralised solutions up to 7.5 kW.

The VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL is a workhorse for a wide range of
industrial applications. It is easy
to integrate into all major control
systems and is easily adaptable
to different needs.

Robust enclosure and high functionality is provided by the VACON® 100X for indoor and outdoor applications.

For flexibility in cooling, with focus on customer-specific cooling solutions, the VACON® 20 Cold Plate is the perfect AC drive for OEMs with special cooling requirements.

The VACON® NXP Air Cooled drive is designed for a broad range of demanding industrial applications, focusing on higher power sizes and system drives.

The VACON® NXC combines the
VACON® NXP product range with a wide range of options in a single enclosed drive format.