UV® 701/705 IQ SAC

SAC and UVT sensor for the IQ SENSOR NET
UV 700 IQ SAC: Low-cost probe (integrated ultrasonic cleaning, turbidity compensation) for the maintenance-free and reagent-free SAC measurement according to DIN 38404 C3:

With the new sensor UV 700 IQ SAC, you can determine the spectral absorption coefficient at 254 nm directly and without chemicals. Turbidity influences are compensated by a reference measurement at 550 nm.

As a sum parameter, similar to the COD, the SAC allows information about the organic contamination of water. This makes this sensor ideal to capture organic deposits in wastewater and surface waters. In addition to the SAC, you can use this sensor to determine the UV transmission at 254 nm. This is most commonly used in the control of UV disinfection systems.