WTW NitraVis 701-705 IQ (TS)

NitraVis 701/705 IQ NI

Digital, optical sensor for the IQ Sesnor Net. NitraVis®700 IQ NI: Sensor with maintenance-free ultrasonic cleaning for measurement of nitrate and nitrite directly in the process – optimized for municipal wastewater treatment systems

The innovative spectral measuring technique of these sensors allows the determination of nitrate and nitrite directly in the process. Based on the measurement of the entire spectrum, cross sensitivities of individual parameters among each other and interference such as turbidty are eliminated effectively. This ensures highly precise and reliable measuring results!

Based on the optical method, time-consuming steps such as sampling and sample preparation are eliminated. This also eliminates waiting for response time, which allows for a nearly continuous measuring process. This makes measured values available quickly and without complications.

Spare parts such as wiper profiles and seals are not necessary thanks to the maintenance-free ultrasonic cleaning. The use of a chemical-free measuring method further reduces operating costs to a minimum.