WTW VisoTurb 700 IQ

VisoTurb® 700 IQ

Turbidity sensor with ultrasonic cleaning, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET
VisoTurb®: Optical turbidity sensors according to nephelometric principle according to EN ISO 7027 for the in-situ use in water/wastewater with ultrasonic cleaning system:

The ultrasonic cleaning system ensures the low-maintenance and continuously reliable measuring operation of the sensors, which are therefore very suited for extreme applications, such as wastewater treatment plants.

With the nephelometric measuring principle of the VisoTurb®, the stray light is measured at a 90° angle. The measuring setup is suitable for low and medium turbidity values up to 4000 FNU. According to EN ISO 7027, infrared light is used in the wavelength range of 860 nm. This wave length is outside the visible range, so that possible sample colorings generally do not cause any interference.

The sea water model includes the sensor for use in special media: All wetted parts are made of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion.