WTW ViSolid 700 IQ

ViSolid® 700 IQ

Digital suspended solids sensor with ultrasonic cleaning, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET
ViSolid®: Optical sensors for the in-situ use to measure suspended solids via scattered light and direct back-scattering with ultrasonic cleaning system

The ultrasonic cleaning system ensures the low-maintenance and continuously reliable measuring operation of the sensors, which are therefore very suited for extreme applications, such as wastewater treatment plants.

With higher particle concentrations, the procedures of turbidity measurement are only suitable in some cases; here, you will need special measuring techniques to determine the concentration. WTW uses two procedures, which are used depending on the suspended solids concentration: With low concentrations, a scattered light measurement is used; for higher concentrations, the direct back-scattering yields optimal results.

The sea water model includes the sensor for use in special media: All wetted parts are made of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion.