SGM LEKTRA RPL81 Non-contact Radar Liquid Level Sensor

RPL81 Non-contact Radar Liquid Level Sensor

Compact unit for level measurement of liquids, RPL81 is unaffected by temperature fluctuations, high pressure and condensation. Thanks to his precise signal focusing it provides a reliable and accurate measurement. RPL81 can be easily configured by: on-board push buttons (IP67 version only), VL611, “display/programming module”, MODBUS RTU s/w 010F105A, BLUETOOTH + SGM Level APP

4-20mA and MODBUS outputs enable the continuous transmission of the measurement to analogical and digital acquisition systems. Two configurable relays can be used as local alarm threshold and pumps drive/control. One relay can be programmed as operating alarm, making RPL81 suitable for unattended applications. Constructed entirely of PP, RPL81 is particularly indicated in presence of corrosive media (acid vapors) and therefore in storage tanks. Typical applications include water lifting and treatment plants as well as sea and rivers level monitoring