MJK Expert Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level Transmitter 700

Expert™ 700 is created especially for level measurements in water borings. Due to the build-in pressure and temperature compensation, the narrow transmitter provides stable measurements.

The diameter is just 16mm which ensures that Expert™ 700 fits in most boreholes – the measured value is delivered as 4-20mA or RS485. 

Measurement of groundwater borings demands exact evaluation of levels. Expert™ 700 has an adaptable measuring area, from 0-30 up to 0-100 meters. You will get exact measurements even in temperatures from -20 to +80◦C.

You can get your stable measurements directly in your SCADA system for many years ahead. Expert™ is produced in stainless steel which protects the sensor that holds an stunning deviation by only app. 0,5 % FS per year.