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Danfoss VLT® Advanced Active Filter 006

Danfoss Advanced Active Harmonic Filters can compensate for 3 phase harmonics the filter is manufactured with the same components as the well know VLT frequency converters. Consequently the filter ensures optimal harmonic suppression independent of the number of loads and their individual load profile. 

In addition the active filter corrects the power factor and balances the phase load providing an optimal energy utilization. This improves the system efficiency and increases the grid robustness to avoid downtime. The extensive re-use of proven VLT® components and the modular construction ensures a high reliability and at the same time offers high energy efficiency, back-channel cooling and high enclosure grades without size encrease.

The VLT® Advanced Active Filter is easily controlled via the user-friendly LCP, sharing design and programming structure with the VLT® drives series. Without dismounting existing installation, the VLT® Advanced Active Filters are easily retrofitted to the existing installation, where harmonics are increased because of enlarged employment of non-linear loads such as variable speed drives.