Ultrasonic Level Measurement

MJK Shuttle Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and sensor

MJK’s Shuttle® measures, displays, transmits and controls the level in a multitude of different applications.
The MJK Shuttle® display is very user friendly with its one-step measurement start-up procedure that is easy to follow and easy to modify set-up of all functions, controls and signal management features. The advanced on-board software ensures accurate and reliable operation even in difficult applications.

The MJK Shuttle® offers a wide variety of sensors ranging from between a 3° to 7°  beam angle, with 0.1 to 25 meter measuring range to suit your application.


MJK Shuttle Converter and Transmitter unit

  • Learning-function allows the Shuttle® Level Transmitter to learn how the tank is arranged with piping, pumps and other items that might disturb the measurement. The system also ignores turbulence and electrical interference, so even a slow moving mixer can pass through the ultrasonic beam without any influence on the measurement
  • 2 output relays for level / system alarm or pump control
  • 4 – 20 mA output with zero and span adjustment
  • Indication of the strength of the echo signal with a bargraph
  • Easy to read LCD-display for both setup and indication. Actual level is indicated with both a bargraph and reading of millimetres, centimetres, metres, feet and inches. The digital readout can be chosen as either relative level or absolute level
  • 10 – 30 V DC or 230 / 115 V AC supply


MJK Shuttle Ultrasonic Sensor The Shuttle® Ultrasonic sensors is in molded housing and piezo-electrical crystal which emits the ultrasonic pulse and receives the echo signal from the surface to be measured. The sensor comes with a 1″ thread for easy mounting to a standard MJK bracket which ensures correct mounting and optimum signal performance.

Standard Range Narrow Beam Angle Version

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Type 200570
  • Frequency 30 KHz
  • Spread 3°
  • Range up to 15 m in fluids and 6 m in solids
  • POM membrane and PP house with oil resistant PVC shielded cable

Chemical Resistent Version

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Type 200660
  • Frequency 50 KHz
  • Spread 6°
  • Range up to 10 m in fluids and 5 m in solids
  • PVDF membrane and PP house with oil resistant PVC shielded cable

Shuttle Ultrasonic Sensor Dimensions