WTW TriOxmatic 700 IQ

TriOxmatic® 700 IQ

Digital electro-chemical IQ sensors for dissolved oxygen, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET
TriOxmatic® IQ: Reliable and proven digital electro-chemical oxygen sensors with 3 electrode system (ECDO) for precise and accurate measurements.

The electro-chemical sensors are known for their high accuracy – from the beginning. Their teflon membrane makes them extremely insensitive to biological deposits. Therefore, in most cases, you will not need an additional cleaning unit. Also, the membrane – just like the electrolyte consumption – is monitored continuously. Our self-diagnosis system SensLeck and SensReg show occurring errors automatically.

The sea water model is optimized for the use in special media: All wetted parts consist of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely corrosion-resistant.

The TriOxmatic IQ comes in the 700 sea water version, 701 faster response time version and the 702 version.