On-off level

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhitespaceFor On-Off level measurements / switching, MJK offers the Float Switch 7030 or a conductivity level sensor and 501 level relay.





Level switch 7030Float Switch 7030

Float switch 7030 belongs to a new generation of float switches where mercury switches have been replaced with up-to-date environmentally friendly materials for accurate and reliable level switching.

The MJK Float switch has been designed with heavy duty and harsh applications in mind.
Some of the features include:

  • 16 Amp rating Voltage free change over switch which allows a motor to be connected directly
  • Polypropylene body with chemical resistant flexible PVC cable for harsh chemical applications
  • A switching mechanism which is actioned by a counterweight within the switch, which helps to eliminates switching due to water turbulence.


202860 Electrode base with 1 electrode rod (max. 3) + 200219 Sensor bracket, shortConductivity Level Switch 501

The Electrode Control 501 is a simple, low cost and reliable system for the control of level in conductive liquids. The system consists of a level relay for DIN-rail mounting combined with a range of different level electrodes.

The Electrode Control 501 can be used for the control of a pump or for detecting high / low levels or for a level alarm.