Multi‐path Picofly Flowmeter


Sitelab have just announced the release of the SL3488D multipath ultrasonic transit time flowmeter.

The SL3488D has wetted face transducers that can be installed on existing pipes without the draining of the pipe. The transducers can be inserted and extracted under pressure. SL3488D also adopts the  unique PICOFLY time measurement technology. With a resolution of 10 picoseconds (0.01 nanosecond) and a sampling rate of 1000 times/second it delivers rapid response and high accuracy flow metering via this unique form of transit time ultrasonic flow measurement technology. It can be applied to all sorts of industrial and commercial clean liquid flow applications.

picofly 1

The SL3488D can be also be supplied in calibrated certified spool pieces from 100mm to 3000mm with Australian Standard Flanges AS4087 or DIN or ANSI flanges. The spool piece has a accuracy 0.2% error in reading of flow rate.

picofly 2

The SL3488 can be programmed to accommodate from 2 sets of transducers to 6 sets of transducers giving very accurate flow profile measurement.

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