WTW MIQ-TC 2020 3G

MIQ/TC 2020 3G Terminal/Controller

Digital and modular network system for wastewater treatment plant monitoring to connect up to 20 sensors
The heart of every IQ SENSOR NET system 2020 – multi-parameter system for up to 20 sensors with USB interface, remote maintenance and remote communication:

The high-performance processor of the terminal/controller MIQ/TC 2020 3G coordinates all tasks inside the network. The USB interface allows quick data exchange via USB stick or directly to external systems. The system status LED provides reliable and quick information about the function and the system status.

The system stores the measured values of a new connected sensor and all configuration data automatically. The large, colored display and the large buttons ensure a clear and customer friendly operation at any conditions.

When integrating two MIQ/TC 2020 3G into system, the system security and therefore the availability of the total system is ensured by the controller-redundancy-function. This lets you use one MIQ/TC 2020 3G as a terminal and a controller (fixed installation), and a second one as a mobile terminal. By including this into the network, you can have remote communcation as well as remote maintenance.

For the remote maintenance from a PC, you need to install the software IQ Software Pack CONNECT. This setting can be made via a user interface according to the MIQ/TC 2020 3G terminal. In addition, you have the option to transfer measuring and configuration data of the system to a computer. For the control with the IQ Web Connect the MIQ/MC3 is required.

The MIQ/TC 2020 3G Terminal/Controller is available as different versions. As a single Terminal or as pre-configured, ready-to-used starter sets with special prices. Each of these 3 sets consists of a Terminal/Controller (MIQ/TC 2020 3G), a power supply module (MIQ/PS) and an output module with 1) 3 current outputs and 3 relays or 2) 6 relays or 3) an ethernet interface. The latter provides the digital fieldbusses Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET.

 Systems Controllers COMPARISON – 181, 282, 284 and 2020
 System 181System 282System 284System 2020
 Max. Number of connectable sensors1248
 Max. Number of parallel measured parameters1*20**20**20**
 Output Signals

2 Analogue outputs,
3 Relays

Digital: None

Analogue outputs
(0/4-20mA), Relays

– RS 485
– Profibus DP
– Modbus RTU
– EtherNet/IP
– Modbus TCP

(digital and fieldbus parallel to analogue possible)

 Knowledge of special automation technology
Basically noneBascially none,
In PROFIBUS/Modbus systems yes
 Additional Options
 Additional displaysNoNoNoYes
 Redundant controllerNoNoNoYes
 Modem-capable Interface
 (Fixed line Telephone)
Alarms and measured values
– MIQ/TC 2020 3G: via SMS and web browser
– MIQ/MC3 family: vie e-mail and web browser
 Radio ConnectionNoYesYesYes
  • Access from remote by integrated webserver IQ WEB CONNECT
  • A solution for every application – up to 20 sensors can be connected, all IQ parameters are measurable
  • Flexible and ready for the future – the IQ SENSOR NET can be expanded as needed thanks to its modular design
  • MIQ Module Coupling at Rear: Combined mechanical and electrical connection, for rapid coupling to MIQ modules
  • USB interface: USB-A (host)
  • Display: Graphic display; resolution: 320 x 240 pixel; visible area: 4.49 x 3.39 in. (114 x 86 mm), black/white, backlit
  • Control Functions/Function Keys: 5 operating keys: 3 master keys for functions: Measurement (M), calibration (C), set/system settings (S), 2 keys for: confirmation/switching menu O.K. (OK), Escape (ESC), 4-directional button for rapid selection of software functions and input of alphanumeric values
  • Datalogger: Data memory for up to 525,600 data sets
  • Electric Supply: Directly via the IQ Sensor Net when coupled to MIQ module
  • Ambient Conditions: Operating temperature: -4 °F … 131 °F (-20 °C … +55 °C), Storage temperature: -13 °F … 149 °F (-25 °C … +65 °C)
  • Housing Material: ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acryloesterpolymer)
  • Protection Rating: IP 66 / corresponding to NEMA 4X (not for direct conduit connections). Conduits need to be connected with flexible adapters (CC-Box), respectively with adapters CC-PM..
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.27 x 6.69 x 1.57 in. (210 x 170 x 40 mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 1.98 pounds (0.9 kg)
  • Certifications: ETL, cETL (conforms with relevant UL and Canadian standards), CE
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN 61326-1, Class B; FCC Class A
  • Integrated Overvoltage Protection: According to EN 61326-1 enhanced overvoltage protection for the entire system, implemented in each component
  • Connection Characteristics: Comprehensive EMC shield control; cable topology within IQ Sensor Net system as required, e.g. in the form of a line, tree, star, multiple star; Total cable length: max. 1000 m/1094 yds (without signal amplifying), with signal amplifying module MIQ/JBR ­additional 1000 m/1094 yds (max 3000 m/3282 yds)
  • Warranty: 3 years for defects of quality