Mains supply

It is important to be able to monitor assets and maintain historical logs in even the most remote locations as well as those easily accessible.
The Chatter® was developed with a option to connect to a power supply, be it mains 240VAC or a Solar 10-30VDC supply, to allow for continuous logging and alarm operations with the added bonus of a battery backup built into the unit if the power supply is interrupted.

Chatter® Data Logger with built in Modem

The Chatter® Data Logger with Built in Modem is ideal monitoring and taking measurements at any site.
The embedded software activates the required digital and analog inputs and time-stamped data is stored at selectable intervals. The logged data can then be scheduled to transmit via the built in GSM / GPRS modem in the following ways:

  • SMS message to a mobile phone
  • E-Mail csv log files to an email address
  • Directly to a server database (Server must be running MJK software and allow connection via the GSM / GPRS network)
  • Modbus RTU, being read directly by a SCADA system.

Chatter Wall MountThe Chatter® can be ordered with the option for powering the unit via 240VAC mains supply or via 10-30VDC solar / power supply. Built into the Chatter® is a battery backup which ensures continued operation and an alert if the power supply is interrupted.
The Chatter® is only available in a wall / panel mounted version when ordered with the external power supply option.