GoPLe Hydrostatic Level Measure

The GoPLe is used for level measurement in water and waste water systems. GoPLe comes with a ceramic sensor for high accuracy.

GoPLe use a ceramic capacitive measurement principle, where it converts the immersion of the sensor in the liquid, into a 4-20mA current loop. 

GoPLe comes in 3 range versions and with fixed cable length. Individual measuring range and cable length can be offered on request

  • Diameter: Ø27
  • Robust design
  • Long service life
  • E+H ceramic measuring cell
  • CE certified

Materials: Housing in stainless steel
Measuring range: 0-3m, 0-5m or 0-10m
Measuring principle: Ceramic capacitive
Output signal: 4-20mA
Accuracy: better than 0.5 %FS at -10 – +60C°
Long term stability: Better than 0,25% FS per year
Supply voltage: 12-36V DC
Temperature range: -40C°- +80C°
Resistance: 100MΩ@ 50V DC
Enclosure class: IP68
Membrane material: E&H ceramic measuring cell
Response time: 10ms
Length of cable: 10m
Type of cable: Highly flexible PUR cable with screen
Total weight: 760g