MJK Expert 7070 Hydrostatic Level

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level transmitter 7070D

The Expert™ 7070D hydrostatic digital/analog level transmitter is a variant of the 7070 and a precision transmitter with built-in Modbus protocol for measurement readout and remote calibration during operation. 

Expert 7070D is especially developed by MJK for low-energy installations and is very easily connected to a Chatter logging device.

One of the great advantages of this quality transmitter is that it works for years without the need for manual service. Furthermore, the power consumption is extremely low and it is constructed in stainless steel AISL316 to make it the perfect data logger for monitoring nature resources and lakes in areas not easily accessed. 

Applications for the Expert™ 7070D include: Process ater, Drinking water, Ground water bore holes and Resevoirs.