Danfoss VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500

Danfoss VLT® MCD500 Soft Starters allow for control ramping of all AC motors. Upgrading from DOL or non-Semiconductor controlled starter to a Compact Soft Starter reduces mechanical stress on the motor as well as electrical cable and networks stress, extending the lifespan of the system whilst saving energy and giving a smoother start to the motor. 

Danfoss VLT® MCD500 series Soft Starter is a total motor starting solution. Current Transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for controlled motor ramp and profiles.

The full range of Danfoss VLT® Soft Starters can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Danfoss is phasing out the MCD500 for the newer model MCD600, please take this into consideration when assessing the needs of your application and the most suitable drive.