Danfoss VLT FC280 Midi Drive

The Danfoss VLT® FC280 Midi Drive

VLT® Midi Drive is prepared for compatibility with the VLT® 2800. Its exterior dimensions, cable plugs, cable
lengths, and set-up software tools enable easy retrofi t in established plant or machinery concepts. The VLT® Memory Module MCM 102 facilitates helpful implementation of factory settings for OEM and machine builders, fast installation of firmware updates, and easy commissioning or exchange of drives – a first for VLT® drives. Simply use your PC to copy the drive settings from one VLT® Memory Module to another. The VLT® Memory Module facilitates helpful implementation of factory settings, fast installation of firmware updates, and easy transfer of settings. 

Easy parameter set-up makes the path to energy savings both short and simple, via an enhanced numeric LCP or graphical control panel that supports seven languages. Targeted ‘Application Selections’ make it easy for users to set up and commission typical applications. Configure and monitor the FC 280 with Danfoss’ own VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 software. This tool provides plant managers with a comprehensive overview over the system at any point in time and a high level of fl exibility in configuration and monitoring. There is even a USB port enabling fast PC connection for commissioning and troubleshooting. Pluggable terminals make this the easiest wiring task imaginable for installation and service – simply plug in and plug out for mains, RS485, I/O, and motor connections.

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