Danfoss MCD200 Soft Starter Range

Danfoss VLT® Soft Starter MCD 202

Danfoss VLT® MCD500 Soft Starters allow for control ramping of all AC motors. Upgrading from DOL or non-Semiconductor controlled starter to a Compact Soft Starter reduces mechanical stress on the motor as well as electrical cable and networks stress, extending the lifespan of the system whilst saving energy and giving a smoother start to the motor.

Danfoss VLT® MCD202 series Soft Starter has been designed to suit any application requiring smooth starting of a motor and basic motor protection whilst being a low cost solution with a small footprint.

The full range of Danfoss VLT® Soft Starters can be viewed here. 

  • Soft Start: Current Limit
  • Soft Stop: Timed Voltage Ram
  • Motor Protection: Thermistor, Motor overload, Phase Imbalance
  • System Protection: Phase rotation, Excess start time, Bypass overload & Instantaneous overload
  • Metering: optional extra
  • Start / Stop control: Via inputs of via optional controller
  • Network Communication: Optional
  • Bypass: Internally Bypassed
Mains supply (l1, L2, L3)
  • Supply voltage 3 x 200 VAC – 440 VAC or 3 x 200 – 575 VAC
  • Supply frequency 45 – 66 Hz
  • Control voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 380 – 440 VAC, 24 VDC/24 VAC
  • Control inputs
  • Control inputs – Start, Stop, Reset push button on the unit
  • Relay outputs
  • Relay outputs – 1 x main contactor, 1 x programmable* (Trip or Run)
  • Protections
  • Motor thermistor input
  • Motor temperature – thermal model
  • Phase imbalance
  • Phase sequence
  • Excess start time
  • Supply fault
  • Shorted SCR
  • LED indications
  • Indications – Ready/Fault, Run
  • Ambient operating temperature
  • Ambient temperature -5 to 60˚C (above 40˚C without derating)
  • Standards approvals
  • Approvals CE, UL, C-UL, CCC, C-tick