Danfoss boosts soft starter potential


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.52.10 PMDanfoss has extended the internal bypass range of their VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 units, meaning better distribution of amp sizes and a smaller footprint and volume for amp ratings.  

The existing internal bypass range of MCD 500 units has been increased from 245A to 961A, and two new enclosure sizes (G3B and G4B) have been developed. Amp ratings of the G4B have increased by an impressive 3.5 percent.

The original 245A unit was increased by 10 per cent in volume (now enclosed in a G3B unit), with only a 6.5 per cent increase in footprint, meaning that the bypass was added with minimal impact on size.

The original 331-396 A rating unit (now enclosed in a G3B and G4B unit) has a bypass added while reducing both footprint and volume by more than one third.

The original 428-961 A rating unit’s increase in bypass (now enclosed in a G4B unit) has resulted in decreases in both footprint and size with a 8 per cent decrease in volume and 6.5 per cent decrease in footprint.

The major benefits of the new bypass range in comparison to the original MCD500 units are:

  • Integrated bypass as standard up to 961 A.
  • Advanced starting and stopping controls.
  • Comprehensive status and fault monitoring.
  • Ease of programming and commissioning via simulation and ‘quick-menu.’
  • 4-line graphical LCP with real language text.
  • Advanced motor and system protection.
  • Enhanced programmable I/O functionality.
  • Real time clock and battery backup.

Why choose Danfoss VLT® Soft Starters?

According to Danfoss, their VLT® Soft Starters have strong, tangible benefits. They have one of the smallest footprints of soft starter drives on the market and integrate seamlessly with VLT Drives. As well as this, they are well designed and made from the highest of quality materials.

The team at Danfoss have expert experience and knowledge while delivering excellent service to their customers. This includes after sales support and high product availability.