It is important to be able to monitor assets and maintain historical logs in even the most remote locations that may not have a permanent power supply. MJK Offers several products to meet customers needs in this area, not only battery operated logging devices but also sensors to connect to these devices.

Gekko Data Logger with built in Modem

ACOWA Gekko front view orange lid

GEKKO is a battery operated data logger which can communicate via MODBUS TCP/IP or SMS commands. Communication is via the built-in 4G modem on its own PCB, allowing for upgrading the modem to support future communication forms without replacing the entire data logger. Furthermore, GEKKO will also be capable of supporting Sigfox communication.

Gekko with open cover showing terminals and batteriesThere is a USB interface for programming the GEKKO or for downloading the logged data. The GEKKO data logger has a log capacity of 16,000 measurements.

The GEKKO is delivered with 2 analog inputs 0/4-20mA, or 4 digital inputs, where 2 of these can be configured as 0-10V inputs. Furthermore, the GEKKO supports RS485 MODBUS communication for logging data from other sources.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 186 x 156 x 60 mm
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Mount: Wall Mount with 3 boreholes
  • Power supply: 2 x Lithium saft 3.6V 33600 or external 12-30VDC
  • Input: 2 analog input (4-20mA), 4 digital inputs, where 2 of these can be configured as 0-10V inputs, RS485 MODBUS communication with external units.
  • Communication: 4G modem or SigFox modem (only supports one installed modem).
  • Protocol: Modbus TCP/IP


Chatter® Data Logger with built in Modem

Chatter FieldThe Chatter® Data Logger and GSM/GPRS quad-band modem was developed with a built in battery which can be used to power up low energy loop powered devices for measurement, this device is ideal for monitoring and taking measurements at any site.
The embedded software activates the required digital and analog inputs and time-stamped data is stored at selectable intervals. The logged data can then be scheduled to transmit via the built in GSM / GPRS modem in the following ways:

  • SMS message to a mobile phone
  • E-Mail csv log files to an email address
  • Directly to a server database (Server must be running MJK software and allow connection via the GSM / GPRS network)
  • Modbus RTU, being read directly by a SCADA system.

Chatter Wall MountThe Chatter® has a built-in battery which ensures up to 5-10 years of continuous operation. There are 2 different physical enclosure types available, the first is a pipe mounting field IP67 rated version that comes built in with an antenna for communication. The second version is a wall / panel mount enclosure (without built in antenna).